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Henry shines at Railroad Flat!


Tuolumne Lawman:
Me at Rail Road Flat this weekend.  MY brace of Richards Type II conversions and my HRA "New Original Henry" (their copy of the original 1860 Henry.  Out of 120 rounds Pistol and 120 rounds rifle, I missed a couple with rifle, when the steel turned sidewise after my 7th hit, and dropped one round with the pistol, which screwed my chances of a main match pin!  The rifle misses were actually with my Marlin 1894 Century Limited .44-40, so the Henry shot shot its stages clean!

I know Henry puts good quality wood on their guns, but Wow on that buttstock! Was that factory, or did you replace it?

Every HRA 1860 that I have seen has had highly figured wood.

Tuolumne Lawman:
That's factory wood!  It is the basic model, not even some fancy edition!  It is so slick and smooth, its crazy!


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