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Back in the day when I first heard of USFA I had already been bitten by the 1st Gen Colt SAA. By years….Had acquired a few and sold some , trading up of course. I have now about 12 , 1st gen in various calibers. 6 in .45 dating from 1905-1910. One 1910 gun that serial numbers are very close to Frank Hamers of Bonnie and Clyde Fame.  I haven’t had this particular colt lettered. Sigh Hear, it pisses me off that colt charges that much for the Letter and takes so long to get the info back, when all the lazy asses has to do is look it up. What 10 minute job.
Anyway back to my original question. I have just acquired a USFA Preimium, serial # 25200 range. I assume Turnbull case and bluing polished hammer, two piece box…
IS it total USA made? Thanks Guys

Tascosa Joe:
I am not the expert but a 25K SN range is an all US pistol.

That would have been a 2007 gun.  All US

Buckaroo Lou:
KY Kid,

You are new to the forum, welcome.

You probably do not know but GaryG worked for USFA and he is the expert.

I certainly am no expert but from what knowledge I have gained here on this forum I would concur with both Tascosa Joe and GaryG.


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