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Help identifying a remington revolver

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You need to get over to the www.coltforum.com and let some of the experts have a look at that SAA.  I also would be leery of doing anything to that Remington.   That not a common item at all, you do not want to damage or alter it.   

Hello Bad Miles,

It does indeed sound like it was converted to .44 Colt Original.

Here's what I have listed for dimensions.

Rim - .483"
Base - .456"
Neck - .455
Bullet - .451" with .429" Heel
Case Length - 1.100"
Cartridge OAL - 1.5"

The cartridges I load for my Pietta/Howell Conversion end up with an OAL of 1.555",
which leave plenty of clearance in the Howell cylinder.
It's a fun cartridge, but don't hot rod that old iron, keep your loads light.
I shoot a LEE 450-200-1R Black Powder Bullet with a Heel swagged on the base.


I tried to see if I could find Loren G. Cornell on Fold3.com, but there are only 2% of the Canadian Military records available.  Tried ancestry.com which led to www.findagrave.com  Loren G. Cornell, born in Alberta 21 August 1923, died 31 January 2015.  Memorial # 194059454 age 91
Just a thought it could bee him.

Mad Miles:
Thank you.
The Colt is a pretty solid gun.  The cylinder stop bolt was attached to the trigger guard with a piece of string.  It's broken.  Also has a broken trigger screw.  I have a screw and bolt coming in the mail.  The front trigger guard screw was missing but I have found one and installed it.

The Remington is in a bit rougher shape but I'm getting it together piece by piece.  I found a hand for it and have the thing cycling fine.

The person in Ontario is going to sell me some of his heeled bullets and I have brass so I'm set to load up some mild rounds to test fire.  He sent me a dummy round with the hand.  Fit in the cylinders nicely.  I put a primmer in the case and shot the round into the barrel.  It stopped about half way down and I tapped it out the muzzle.  Seems to have the lands and grooves nicely formed and looks like it's going to seal the barrel OK.

That's him, I now have the registration papers for the firearms and he last registered them in 2007.  I also have his firearms licence born 1923 issued in Alberta. 

Thanks again


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