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Help identifying a remington revolver

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Mad Miles:
Good morning,
Yesterday I took possession of a few old firearms.  These have been in a wooden box up in a room above a shop for years.  Not in the greatest of shape but I'd like to get to know more about them and how to inspect/repair in order to shoot.  Along with the Mauser C-96, colt model 1872, Savage model 1899,  1918 Lee Enfield, Ranger 12 gauge, and a AMD percussion cap long gun of some sort, I found a Remington revolver.

I looked all over the internet, I'm not good at that sort of activity, and have determined it's what some call a model 1858, which is supposed to be a percussion gun.  This doesn't look like a percussion revolver but I read some were converted from percussion to cartridge.  This revolver seems to have a two piece chamber (cylinder ?), perhaps the back half was cut off and a non percussion part was attached?  I assume the cylinder with the six bores in it is called the chamber?

It has 'PATENTED SEPT 14. 1858' on the top of the barrel with 'E. REMINGTON & SONS ILION  NEWYORK U.S.A.'  underneath. There is a 'C' stamped on the right side of the barrel just ahead of the mainframe, an 'A' stamped on the left side of the barrel just ahead of the main frame, there are two 'J's stamped on the chamber near the rear 180 degrees apart from one another.  There is an 'S' stamped in the frame above the hammer pivot screw head on the left side, and an 'M' stamped on the left side of the frame just behind the brass trigger guard.

The serial number 33250 is stamped on the bottom of the barrel.

The gun has a tag attached to the trigger guard, it is an RCMP laboratories tag dated Nov. 5 1985.  It has a case number and an inspectors signature on it.  I don't know the history of the gun and whether it was involved in a criminal case or perhaps just some kind of gun registry. The owner has been dead for over 20 years, I got the firearms from his nephew. 

The back of the tag has the serial number-33250, the make-Remington, the Model-New Model Army, type-HG, action-R, caliber-.44, shots-6, barrel-200MM, rifling--------------.

So that's about all the info I have about this revolver and wonder how/where to look for info about the date of manufacture, what kind of ammo is it meant to shoot, where to find a schematic of parts and how to disassemble and inspect it.  And anything else about it that anyone can tell me.  Like what's the difference in a New Model Army and an Army Model, who used them, any significance about this particular model, etc.

Thank you in advance.

Oh yea, this gun is dinged up and filthy, I have to get it apart and cleaned up, but in the meantime would I be hurting it if I took the grips off and just soaked the whole gun in solvent for a few days to eat some of the crud off?.

Okay, congratulations on a great find! There are a couple of us here familiar with the C96, so go ahead and ask questions. As to the Remington, yes there were conversions made. As far as soaking it, yes, remove the grips and then put it in some odorless Mineral Spirits overnight. This will soften up any old grease and fouling. Wipe it down and then take an old toothbrush to it to get off any gunk left there. Clean and oil normally.

And we love pics here!

Mad Miles:
Thanks for the reply.
I looked up the Mauser and found a lot of info on it.  It's a Red 9.  It has the slot in the grip for attaching the buttstock, but alas, I couldn't find the buttstock or anything else that would have been with it.  I'll go back to the barn and look around for it.  The shop is full of old Hudsons, one banger industrial engines, riding and pack saddles, more wooden spoke wheels than I've ever seen and nothing new.  There were about 20 firearms and I was given seven, plus a couple disabled and beyond recovery ones, so I feel very fortunate, I think the Mauser was the newest item in the place, and it's in the best shape of any of the guns I got. It's a 9mm and after I learn how to strip it down and clean it I'll take it to the range.

Any idea on how to tell when this Remington was made?

Any idea how I can find out what cartridge and caliber it would use?  the RCMP tag said 44 caliber but I don't know if that would be before or after the conversion, it looks like the cylinder is just as old as the rest of the gun so I don't think it was bought in the last few decades. I found a box of old CIL made dominion cartridge 455 Colt cases in the box but I presume those would be for the Colt.
I also found a bullet mold and some lead bullets that I measured to 0.4295" which Wikipedia says fit the 44 S&W special, Remington 44 magnum and 44 S&W Russian, but there were a dozen other guns hanging around there of various calibers.

Any Idea where to look for disassembly instructions?  I'd hate to break something taking it apart.

I also got a cartridge belt with a holster but it's a left hand and I'm right handed, I'll go back and see it the right one is there.

Thanks again,

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Major 2:
This is stuff of imagination, finding a stash of old firearms, car(s) or a motorcycle.
The thought makes me giddy.
Congratulations, maybe buying a Lotto is in order  :)

Please post photos


For me, it would be of articular interest to see some photos of the Colt 1872.  If an Original Open Top, it will be chambered for .44 Henry Flat or .44 Stetson.  It will NOT be a .45

The Remington is interesting.  Period Remington were converted to other than a .45.  If later or a reproduction, the Remington will be .45 although the .455 cartridges pique my curiosity.  Don't think they will run in any of the old guns you have snagged.

Play Safe Out There

PS:  Pictures pictures pictures.  We all absolutely LOVE PICTURES!!


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