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Dutch Oven Gathering


I am putting on a Dutch Oven Gathering the third weekend in September at Rock Creek Station State Historical Park in SE Nebraska. The reason this spot was chosen was I am a volunteer there and have been since the late 90's and have a very good relationship with them.
Also not quite but almost dead center of the country, less than 100 miles if I remember correct.

N 40.11123 W 97.05854

Also we are allowed to have an actual fire in a hole on the ground and the park will provide us with plenty of wood.
Then there is the History down there, that is where Bill Hickok killed Dave McCandless in the spring of 1861 starting his legend.
If interested join this group where we will discuss the agenda. It don't matter if you are new or been doing this for years don't be afraid to come down and demo what you can do. Someone interested it just starting out may relate better to you than some of us with 30 years or more doing more fancy things.



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