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cylinder throat/bore dimensions?

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thanks to all for the replies.  I apologize, I should perhaps have been more clear.  I was approached by an acquaintance who offered to trade to me this USFA revolver and a couple of Colts.  It isn't as if I am seeking to purchase them. . . .  I'm just trying to figure if it is worth considering.  I know little about USFA, or the gun (flat top target with some engraving).  In considering it as a shooter, I'm trying to figure how I should value it. 

How would I determine if the barrel and cylinder are US-made or imported?

The comment about slugging bores and cylinders is an inside joke: one of the Colt's he offered is a parts gun we put together at a gun show about 25 years ago.  He'd found a blackpowder frame (from 1882 IIRC), so we dug through parts boxes looking for the other parts.  The gun wound up as a 38-40 because that was the best match of bore diameters we could find after slugging every barrel and cylinder we could find at the show. 

I have exactly one USFA in .44 special--a rodeo that has the finest, most precise lockwork I've ever encountered in a production single action revolver.  HOWEVER, it has the absolute WORST chamber finish I've ever encountered in a production single action revolver, which makes ejection very, very sticky.  Your post has reminded me to finally get around to tackling this problem.  I purchased the cylinder hones many months ago, but I just never got around to it.  I have to agree with the others here concerning slugging before purchase--that isn't something I'd be comfortable with either, if I was the seller; but if I was considering the purchase of another USFA in .44 special--and I had access to it before the sale--I'd be scrutinizing the chamber finishes very carefully.

Dave T:
OD#3, every time you post about that problem I feel very bad.  In the few months I owned that revolver I never fired it.  If memory serves I was working on duplicating the original ballistic performance of the full powder black powder 45 Colt and never fired the 44.  When I sold it to you I had no idea there was a problem.

I once offered to buy it back from you and the offer still stands.  Save you all that extra work!  (smiley face goes here)


No way, Dave!  Although I really appreciate your trying to "make good" on what you perceive to have been an oversight on your part, I don't feel cheated nor taken advantage of in the least bit.  Nor do I consider you negligent for not test-firing it before selling it.  I don't know about everyone else, but I've sold or traded a fair number of firearms over the years which I'd never gotten a chance to shoot.  In fact, that was often the reason I got rid of them in the first place--I'd just never gotten around to using them.  So I'd considered them surplus to my needs. 

Re-reading my earlier post, it does sound like I have regrets.  For that, I apologize.  I'd take rough chambers that need a little honing any day just to have such a perfect action as this revolver has.  I guess it was just my giving the OP a warning that SOME USFA's in .44 special might have rough chambers. 

Again, please don't waste a single moment regretting our transaction.  I don't, and I remain grateful to you for selling it to me.  It remains one of my prized acquisitions.


 :)  HEY!!  Odie  :D

By golly it's good to hear from you.  Thought you packed up and went to Alaska for King Crab fishing!!!

I'm gonna wade in > Again <  Every manufacturer manages to sell a "Thursday" product every no and then.  Bad chambers are not all that uncommon.  Over the years I had my shingle out I ran into dozens.  Literally DOZENS!!..  I actually gave up on Ruger altogether.  Ruger chambers and cylinder throats are atrocious.  Uberti rifle chambers just plain SUCK!!

Now.  OD#3.  You be righteous careful with that chamber "hone."  You might be better served to make a flap sander with some 600 Wet/Dry and go easy.  Just buff out the stupid machine marks.  In fact, I might even start with some 800.  Don't really want to remove much if any metal.  Just make the chambers nice and SMOOOOTH!!  Just my take.  OH, almost forgot.  If you do apply the chamber hone, DO NOT use the hone without HONING OIL!!  Without honing oil, you will ruin the hone and the chamber.


Stay safe and Healthy.  People are Hazardous to yer Health



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