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China Camp - opinions sought

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Hi all,

A recent purchase got me to this forum, and after staring at other people's photos until I went cross-eyed, I thought it was time to come out of hiding and share some photos of my own.  I've gleaned from too many hours of searching that my hammer and ejector rod housing are likely Italian, cylinder too, maybe?  Regardless, it's a smooth and perfectly timed piece and I'm glad to have it.  Serial # CC377.  Came across it at the local Cabela's with the original box, target and some paperwork.  Any insights are appreciated!


 :) Mp 43  ;)

I have the memory of a Gnat.  But if memory serves, the "China Camp" guns were Built up from Italian Parts.  Finished "In The White."

Make no mistake, the USPFA and USFA guns built from Italian Parts were put together and finished second to nobody.  Really fine guns indeed.

I don't necessarily understand the USFAistas and "Collectors" who presume to make such a big deal over the sourcing of the parts.  Even the later US sourced parts were ALL to Uberti dimensions.  Really really well built and finished, but still Uberti based.

Play Safe Out There

Capt. John Fitzgerald:
Coffinmaker's "memory of a gnat?"  Then count me in as well!  I remeber it as he has stated.
The USFA China Camp model was one of the first "specialty guns" that was introduced well before 2002, the accepted date when USFA was legitimately able to make the "All US Made" claim. 
Named after the late champion CASS shooter, Dennis "China Camp" Ming, it was, as stated by USFA, made to his specifications and was "regulated to point of aim" (again, according to USFA).
As for the finish, there was a bit of  subtle deception on the part of USFA.  They called it their "Silver Steel Finish," touting it and so vaguely describing it that one was left with the impression that it held near stainless qualities. It was nothing more than highly polished carbon steel, the same steel used in all of their/Uberti's, products at the time.
So... to directly respond to your concerns, YES, your China Camp model is, with a 99.9% probability, made up entirely of Italian/Uberti parts. 
Is that a bad thing?  Even before USFA went to "All US Made" they were doing an exceptional job of assembling & hand
fitting/finishing imported parts.  Pre "All US Made" guns (with the exception of the some of their very early USPFA's - and that is another story) were fit & finished here to a higher standard than those seen from Uberti or others.
So...What do you have?  A very interesting piece if USFA history!  I wouldn't hesitate to buy one for my own USFA collection.

Major 2:
what they said ....

Since you are seeking opinions, I will give you mine.  That is a very nice looking pistola!   :)



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