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Why not Remingtons?

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Gentlemen,  I see a lot of people on here shoot Remington conversions, but does anyone shoot Remingtons as percussion pistols?  I've always like Colt open top patterns, but I've been playing with a '58 Remington lately, and it obviously has the open tops beat for strength.  I don't like the feel as well as the Colt, but that could be just what I'm used to.  They do seem to bind up sooner from fouling.  What you you folks think?

Tequila Shooter:
I shoot the ‘58 NMA all the time for SASS.  If you’ve got binding it’s most likely because your cylinder pin needs some relief cuts.

River City John:
Yes, shoot '63 Remingtons in .36 cal. using both the cap 'n' ball cylinder and conversion cylinder.

I have two, one an early Uberti with the more correct small Navy frame, and one built on the same size frame used for the .44 Army. Nipples changed out to SlickShot. The nipple housing on the large frame cylinder I opened up to give more room for a capper. (Cash inline) The small Navy cylinder has a bit more space to get capper in.

The fit of the Navy grips is perfect in my hand, the Army feel a bit "fat" when held in hand. Still shootable.
Uberti pins have a flat milled on one side so no need for relief cuts.
One of the nice features of Remington, they sight better than that teeny post and hammer notch on a Colt. The continuous "V" trough atop the cylinder strap and front blade are much easier to acquire for my aging eyes.

I shoot both Colt and Remingtons and do feel the Colt has a tad bit better natural pointability for me, but practice and muscle memory makes shooting both no issue.

I do not have cap jams with the Remingtons, nor in truth very few with either now that nipples have been changed out to properly fit caps. One advantage of Remingtons is much easier to remove cylinder for cleaning, or if changing out to another loaded cylinder. I will often start with loaded and capped cylinder and switch to conversion if called for by stage instructions when a reload.



 :)  Ah Yes . . Since You Asked   ::)

NO.  I certainly do not.  Ergonomically, in comparison to Colt Pattern, Remingtons SUCK!!  Too little space between the grip frame and the Trigger Guard.  Shooting the Remington beats the bejabbers out of my social fingers.  Totally UN-FUN!!

Relative strength is not an issue actually.  Neither Colt nor Remington can generate enough OOMPF with BP and percussion cylinders to do damage.

Even though they started out in the Black Powder era, Remington never did solve their inherent fouling problem.  Insufficient gas ring/Bushing in front of the cylinder results in a rapid foul out.

I don't know if I have ever mentioned it . . . .. I Don't Like Remingtons.

King Medallion:
Well, phhttt, I love my 75's, shoot them the most, alot more than my colt's. Never had any desire to shoot C&B. Altho I did have a Big A$$ Walker for a short time. That cured me of C&B.



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