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Smoky Mountain question


We will be heading to Sevierville TN next week and I always hit Smoky Mountain Knife Works. I am wanting to try my hand at making a new knife for my CAS rig. Are any of the blade blanks there really good or any should I run from? Thanks

Depends on what you're looking for.  Most of what I just saw on the website seems to be the cheap China, Pakistan type blades.  Even the blanks they show as "USA" are priced cheap.  Perhaps they're just profiled and not beveled or anything.  Are you looking for a blade that's already ground and all you need to do is put handles on to finish?  Do you want Damascus or plain mono-steel?  http://www.alabamadamascussteel.com/ is a decent choice for Damascus with fairly inexpensive Damascus blades, but are of good quality.  Made here in Alabama.

Another good choice is https://usaknifemaker.com/shop-categories/blade-blanks.html - the descriptions will tell if the blade is finished, or will need to be heat treated.

Good luck and have fun.  If I can help with any info just holler

Ken H>


If you can still find them, I'd start with a Russel Green River knife of some sort.  Jantz in Oklahoma is out of many styles, but still have a few.  These are slab sided basic blades.  Also check Crazy Crow and Track of the Wolf.  I"ve purchased from all three.

If you have a drill press, or can drill straight down without one, and have a belt sander, c clamps, and epoxy, you're ready to go.



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