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 :)  Hey Perfesser   ;)

Much Garcia  :D   Never seen that before.  Of course, I have NEVER reloaded plastic shotgun hulls either.  In my Heathen Smokeless days, I found factory AAs (Feather Lights) from Wally World to be as cheap and OH SO much easier.  Never bothered.

Then I became enlightened.  Following my enlightenment, I discovered just how easy it is to load All Brass Hulls.  Never looked back.  I have taken several steps to make All Brass Hull loading more convenient and reliable but ALL BRASS HULLS ROCK!!!

But that is a real interesting way to load Plastic Hulls.  I have been offered a "Load All" for a very appealing price (Free), and have access to a lifetime supply of one fired Plastic hulls.  Just nowhere near the COOL factor.

Stay Safe

PS:  An Afterthought.  I had a thought (Oh Oh The PAIN!!)  IT'S gonna be a long winter.  I may well need a "project."  A useful, useable project.  After all, Plastic hulls do shuck out a tiny bit bedder dan Brass.   Hummmmmmmmmmm.

Black River Smith:
Thank you, that make sense to me now.  A specific internet search did not bring that up.  Appreciate.

Professor Marvel:
Ah My Dear Coffin
Back when I was in a club and shooting trap 3 times a week I bought a nice big MEC!
Awesome thing, pull the lever, shove in an empty, churned out the 12 ga shells like a little conveyor factory. of course when something jammed up it was ... unfortunate.

So I sold that and the rem 1100’s but got a Lee Loader ...
That thing is simple, neat, easy to work, and easy to fix. If anything breaks, a piece of aluminum and JB Weld will handle it! I love old school.

Speaking of old school, as I went collecting other peoples garbage, I ended up with several ( ie more than two) old iron presses, and at least two are old school monster iron ( ca 1950 ish? ) 12 ga presses...
I need to do some searching and restoring, methinks...

Also In my pile of scheiss precious objects  I have an antique shotshell kit with the ubiquitous roll crimper! I need to make that thing work for 2.5 inch paper shells....

Regarding the unavailability of brass shotshells ... where there is a will , there is a way! I have been experimenting with making my own shells for my IAB Sharps 1863 percussion paper cutter, and have several protoypes, some made entire of soldered plumbing bits, some made of 28 ga shells bottoms and soldered on tubing, and there is always the heavy machined brass cartridges. One outfit even made the extra thick cases such as the .44-100 Ballard Everlasting, which last darn near forever...

So if one wanted, one could slowly turn out a bunch of cases on a little lathe...
Where there are machine  tools, there is a way....

“Take that Cambridge Scholars”

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Why did I suggest using a dipper to insert the gunpowder?

1.  There is a slight possibility of static electricity. Some poh-pooh this and say "NO proof". Some makers like Lyman have created static-proof powder measures to solve this little "problem".
2.  Dippers work! Lee has these wonderful sets and I have both red and yellow series. (I also make  dippers from empty cartridge cases. Leave the fired primer in and look for the one that fits your load or trim to suit.) They are no slower than removing a case from the loader to dump with a powder measure and precision is easy to achieve by uniformity of handling technique.
3.  As you get fewer loads per pound from BP than fad-powder, I load many more fad loads than with the true gunpowder, saving that for matches, and practising with the slightly cheaper smokeless loads.



 :)  SIR CHARLES   ;)

Absolutely.  Yesssss Indeed!!  When loading Brass Hulls, I do da dip.  Made my scoop from a fired cartridge case.  Big Rifle thing.  Don't remember what it was.  My loading block holds 30 Hulls.  Funnel with the scoop doesn't take any time atall.

Happy New Year
Stay Safe



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