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largo casey:
Hi Ihave been shooting the long range for about a year now . Got a pedersoli sharpes 45/70 Been doing pretty good here at home with it. We shoot from 200 to 800 yds here.We have an anual match in May & have another in the plans later in the year.Still have a lot to learn about this long range.    Largo Casey

Kent Shootwell:
Another good place for me to waste time! I've done a bit of silhouette shooting with the Sharps and a few side matches at cowboy action. Even did a couple of mid range (680 yards) shoots. But hunting with the old buffalo guns is my favorite use of black powder and lead bullets. Buffalo with 45/70 and 50 X 2 1/2" and bear and deer with the 50 calibre.
The 45/70 shoots a 522 grain bullet over 70 grs GOEX 2f and the 50 likes a 475 grain slug with 105 grains of 1f Goex.

Kent Shootwell why I don't believe I could see that group through my bino's by golly! Some fine shooting you bet. 8)

I been itching to take my buff gun on a buff too, just as soon as I get that Pedersoli back from the gunsmiths, I'll start working up loads for a hunt after Christmas.

Wow!  I'm glad to find this section.   I love single shot "buffalo rifles" and have a good arm load of them.  My pride and joy is an Winchester highwall in 45/70 flat spring. But it's not shinny new.  It's the real thing.  I have a couple of rolling blocks and trapdoor Springfields - one a 1868 50/70.  In modern reproduction models, I have a Uberti highwall,  a Pedersoli sharps and Browning hiighwall all in 45/70. In the Cape buffalo class,   I have a Henery Martini in 455/577.

Bibbyman - welcome aboard.  Sounds like you have a nice assortment of fine ironware.  I shoot a M1868 trapodoor as welll as many others.  I really like the .50-70, its a great all around cartridge.  I'm kind of fond of the .50s in general.  I shoot a .56-50 Spencer and .50-95 M1876 Uberti Winchester too.  The 50s are big fun  ;D



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