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Lucky find today!

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While trying to organize one of my "Boxes of Holsters" I discovered one that fits my Luger perfectly! Don't know when or where I picked it up, but a nice surprise. Like the definition of Serendipity: "While looking for the needle in the haystack, you find the farmer's daughter""


   What's the Brand and Number?

            Thanks Mucho!


Major 2:
That  gun is sweet , looks in great condition who's manufacture and year ?  , nice holster too  :)


Luger Schmooger.  What's the name of the Farmers Daughter  ::)

Stay Safe out There

Ol Gabe:
"What's the name of the Farmers Daughter..."?
Well, that is easy, her name is/was Irene Goodnight. She was the daughter of that larger-than-life-big-hat dude that brought Longhorns up North from Texas.
She rode the camp mule around the herd at night humming and cooing to help keep them quiet and restive. The Waddies huddled around the campfire cookpot would yodel and sing to keep themselves calm, something that didn't always work, depending on how many plates of beans they ate.
As the night wore on towards bedtime, one of them would no doubt start his own rendition of her plaintive call, "Irene goodnight,
 Irene goodnight.
 Goodnight Irene,
 goodnight Irene,
 I'll see you in my dreams..."
Slowly they would all drift off with fanciful dreams of her cooing and caressing her vowels in their ear.
Ah, yes, those were the days, my friends, enjoy the memories as best you can.
Best regards and good humming!
'Ol Gabe



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