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Skirmish at Mill Creek -- Texas state Wild Bunch Championship Oct. 19,-21, 2018


Dusty Boddams:
 ;D The dates are set for the 2018 Texas state championship we are calling it Skirmish at Mill Creek with an expanded 3 day match we will be shooting side matches and BAMM on Friday main matches sat and sun with some more great side matches sat. Afternoon. Write this down on your calendar and make plans to attend. This is a beautiful time of year in this area. The match will be held south of Cleburne,Tx. And is hosted by the Comanche valley vigilantes .  Go to for registration details and to see videos and pictures of the 2017 state match.
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Dusty Boddams:
This is shaping up to be a great match with 10 main stages 8 side matches and  2 (BAMM sniper,bamm combat ) state championship matches. These are exciting and original side matches that are sure to be fun! The main match will be true wild bunch distilled to its purest form! 

Dusty Boddams:
Into final planning and take a look at these great side matches!


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