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I bought an HRA "Original" Henry (so Coffinmaker won't have to)

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Rooster Ron Wayne:
Nice Job OD#3
I wanted one really bad when they first come out .
But after a lot of reading and watching your Video .
Im very very content with my Older Navy Arms Uberti 44/40 Henry Iron frame .
Just sayin .

Can you believe I haven't fired this yet?  I finally will this weekend, and I'll be posting a video of it as soon as I can edit and upload.  It had better shoot well, 'cause I've lavished a lot of labor and money on this thing.

Marshall John Joseph:
Great video.   At $2750 retail and $2200 street price for the Henry Original steel frame, I will stick with an Uberti ($1295 street price) for their steel frame, even IF I had the money.  ::). I have an Uberti brass frame military version and an Uberti steel frame for the price of one HRA.  The Ubertis  are awesome rifles.  Who'd ever thought they would be a bargain to boot?  ;) Not putting down the HRA version, just sayin'. HRA is a beautiful rifle but ...


Major 2:
I did a HRA -Uberti review in another thread (also a sticky ) May 01, 2014.
now three years later and I still have all 4 Henry's ....

The oldest is a 1980 date code ( it was my 1st. Uberti Henry ) and was $385.00 shipped & FFL receive fee....
the next one was $900.00 , and the Iron Frame ( I traded a $1000 ArmiSport Spencer in 44 Schofield for )

I will reframe from telling you "what" I paid for the HRA Henry .....  :o it would shock you

There is no one person....that can tell / or convince "YOU" to the value of either or Uberti or HRA
That is your vision & decision too,  for you to make....  :)

I like them BOTH !    ;D

Well, scratch the video; I was unexpectedly joined by a friend who was eager to shoot his own stuff.  So I didn't get very good video--nothing worth trying to edit and upload to Youtube, anyway.  But I have to say that it shot very well indeed.  I had backed off of the mainspring strain screw a little and found that I had to tighten it back up to get reliable ignition.  They must boresight these or something, because I was able to ring a 10 inch gong with monotonous regularity at 270 yards, once I found the proper elevation adjustment.  Windage was spot on, and that "wobbly" rear sight didn't affect things at all.  If you saw my posts on my "Iron-framed" Uberti 1860, you'll know that I had to drift my rear sight dramatically to hit something that far, and I wasn't hitting it as regularly, either. 

The overbuffing doesn't bother me anymore, now that I know it can shoot.  Perversely, the high polish is a detriment in an entirely unexpected way---I spent way too much time cleaning it.  On my '66 Uberti, I want the brass to tarnish,  But tarnished brass just wouldn't look right against the lustrous blue and gorgeous wood on the HRA.   If it is going to be overbuffed, the least I can do is preserve the high polish. So I just had to wax it and buff everything back to a high luster.  I must have spent at least an hour cleaning it today.  In spite of my misgivings about its over-polish and MIM internals on my Youtube video, it is fast becoming one of my favorite rifles. 



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