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AZSA sound really fun, so I am beginning to research firearms, in case anyone starts a club in my parts.  I love the looks and history of the Winchester selfloaders.  I know the rules allow the 351sl but the ballistics look pretty hot for shooting steel.  The 35sl is much milder but is less common.  I have a couple of questions:

Can you download the 351 and it still function in the 1907? 

I also thought maybe you could fire the shorter 35 in the 1907?  I could see the bolt not traveling as far, but being a shorter round it might still feed.  Assuming the shorter round would feed from the larger 351 magazine. 

Thanks in advance

St. George:
You can 'try' to down-load the round, but reliability will suffer.

Shooting the shorter .35 is a non-starter, though you can make the brass from .351.

I suggest buying (and reading) a good loading handbook might be helpful.

Scouts Out!

I agree with you George about the 35SL not feeding into a 1907.  But I read that someone said it is possible, they must have been single loading them.  

Border Ruffian:
If you have to / want to use that type of rifle for Zoot wshooting, I'd go with the 35Win SL. The balistics wil be much more friendly, but I don't think you'll find 10 round magazines for it.

 I have a M1907 and frankly, I don't see it becomming a competition gun for the following reasons. 1. The ammo is very expensive and hard to get, so are the loading components. 2. The currently made 10 round after market mags are not very reliable, and thier expensive, about $50 bucks with shipping, when you find them. Original 10 rounders run $175 to $200 gunbroker. 3. The gun is a pain to disassemble (front sight must be removed). 4. Very, very, difficult to reasemble, due to the strong recoil spring. 5. The forearms usually break and crack and are difficult to fix in a lasting way. 6. Gun has a heavy triger pull. 7. The gun needs full power loads to function reliably.

the 1907 Winchester is a fun and neat historical rifle but it requires a lot of effort and expense to get running.

The best gun to get is the Thompson, 20 and 30 round magazines are easy to get and high quality. 45 ACP is a great carbine caliber, much less expensive than 351 Win. 45 ACP balistics are perfect for Zoot shooting. The Thompson is more expensive up front but you'll save money and effort in the long run. Plus the same 45 ACP round can be used for pistols, simplyfying things.

There are other guns, such as an M1 carbine with heavier lead bullet loads, might get under the velocity max. I have a Suomi M31 which will function with 9mm lead bullet ammo.  I does not look very 'gangster' though.  


I have been trying to talk myself into getting one of these Winchesters for a few months.  I always come back to, extra magazines and reloading components would cost three times would the gun alone would cost.  I even tried to think what cartridge I could rechamber/ reline to reloading simpler, but even that would just take more skill and money than I have.
  It seems the Thompson is the only good choice.   I saw where lever guns are legal (I have a '73), but what do you do when a stage requires more rounds than the tubular magazine can hold?



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