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Charlie Montana # 16369 Life:
 I just picked up my first SAA 45Lc 4 3/4" today. It is very nice, and i think I will sleep with it tonight. I just hope it don't snore. My thumb is sore from pulling the hammer back a few dozen times. The only thing i will do is change springs. ;D ;D ;D ;D

                               Thanks, Charlie 8)

Hemlock Mike:
Oh Santa --

It's just what I wanted.   ;D

I'll watch for it under my tree....


I have 2 USFAs. One factory nickeled the other blue with color casehardened frame. Best guns I have ever owned (including a couple of Colts).

A shooting pard of mine bought a brace of the Rodeos and he absolutely loves them.

Take a look around this forum, and it might give ya some insight as to how the folks in here feel about USFAs.

Enjoy!    :)


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