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Darby Rough regulators


Bunk Stagnerg:
The Travis County Regulators have changed their name and range.

They are now the Darby Rough Regulators and have moved to Fayette County and are building a brand new range on a prairie just south of the Darby Rough.

The shoot day has not changed it is still the second Statuary of the month.

For more information the web site is

and we welcome new shooters and visitors.
The range is south of West Point Texas, take FM154 to the  Old Lockhart Road and on shoot days we have big yellow signs to follow to the range.

There is plenty of space for overnight dry camping,
Come see us and have fun

Bunk Stagnerg:
That is the second SATURDAY and if the month has 5 SATURDAYS we shoot that fifth day
Spell check  will be my down fall. That and not proof reading my copy
Hold center

Hee hee, I thought we wuz gonna shoot some statues  :D

I only made it to one Darby Rough match and only 14 matches total for 2014.  Turned out most of those were at Plum Creek, since 1st Saturday just worked out better last year.   Hopefully my weekends schedule will be more cooperative in 2015.

When I started out (my first match was with the Travis Co. Regulators in '99), I was shooting 50 matches a year.  Had a decent job with weekends off.  These days I couldn't afford the ammo even if I had the time and energy!  But I'll be there when I can!

Bunk Stagnerg:

Hello Hargrave and other Houston ,Austin, San Antonio area shooters  is our web site and contact information is found there

The direction to the range is about 13 miles from La Grange, on highway 71 West turn off on loop 543 to FM154. Turn south on FM154 to the Old Lockhart road crossing about 3 miles. Turn west over the RR track and continue another 3 miles to 3239 W. Old Lockhart Road which is the ranch entrance on the right.
If you have doubts about getting lost on the ranch my house is at the top of the hill on the right.  The GPS sometimes shows the wrong entrance.

On the Saturday when we shoot simply follow the yellow “Darby Rough Regulators” signs over a dirt road to the range. Note livestock and wild life have right of way.

From I 10 contact me it is 22 miles from the Flatonia exit and very easy to get here.

We hold shoots the second Saturday of every month and also on fifth Saturday when there is one

There is plenty of dry campout space on the range if you want to come the day before or stay the day after  you are welcome.

I will answer mail addressed to me at the above street address in West Point, Texas 78963

 Bunk Stagner (AKA W. Van Wart)

Hey Bunk, I just got the email from Victoria Whiskey about the Darby Rough Regulators having to shut down, at least for a while.  That is a darn shame.  Hopefully something will get resolved.  It's been a good while since I've been there; twice planned to go last year but both got rained out (my Lincoln is NOT a high-clearance vehicle!).

Good luck.  Maybe see you at a Plum Creek match?



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