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PPS-43C at reduced price! Is gun. Gun shoots. Is fun. Da?

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Got a Tokarev?  Want a period SMG to go with it?  (Semi-auto version)


Look for the one in 7.62x25 on the 2nd page of firearms, great deal IMHO.  Nice video too.  I've shot one of these, could not order it fast enough!

Bit of a stretch, but a lot of fun for a heckuva lot less than a Thompson.   Rooshian Mafia . . .

Border Ruffian:
Cool website! thanks.

"Komrade Kossack" has a nice ring to it.

Update: picked it up at my FFL xfer dealer today.  Brought along some Lead Bullet handloads, basicly a case full of Trail Boss beneath a 100 grain Lee LRN, lubed with Lee Liquid alox.  These will barely trickle out of ONE of my Tokarevs. (0ne has a weaker spring than the other it seems)  Was surprised to find they cycled the PPS quite well, throwing the empty case a good 6 feet or so, no problems at all, no leading apparent.  Great fun!  Also had some 231 loads just a bit hotter (Will cycle BOTH of my Tokarevs)  same bullet and lube.  Again no problems in the PPS, case went maybe 8 feet.  I'm all set!

That's great! Now we need pics of the whole shebang!



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