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Welt in holster


How many put a welt in there holster before stitching it up? I had a pair of tombstone holsters that had a welt sewn in it them and i really like it.

Kaboom Andy:
I never put a welt in my holsters...........for me it's another thing to do and I don't want to do it!!!
I prefere to create a loose fit in my holster simply by modify my paper patterns..................but it's just my opinion. ;D

Marshal Will Wingam:
I agree with Andy on this. I just adjust my patterns to allow for any extra room I want. When I make holsters that are double-layered, I have to add more to the pattern or they end up too tight. As I recall, I add about 1/4" for a holster with two layers of 8-9 oz leather.

Slowhand Bob:
Yes and no, depending on desired results.  If the holster leans more towards modern styling and or a competition design I will add one or two fillers of various thickness to acheive what I want.  Large holsters that tend to be loose fitting and have a more historical look are done without any fillers.  If you are doing the design, you get to please yourself.  Do a few of each to expand your abilities.


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