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Front Sight change

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Considering changin' the front sights on my 58 remi's to a dovetail type. ::)  I know, I know...but, I'm a little touched in the head. :o

Anyhow, jest wondering if'n there was any special way or tool needed to remove the existing front sight.  I don't know even which direction they screw in or even if'n they are seated (wedged) in ???

Appreciate any help and info from my Pards! ;)

Bull Schmitt:
I believe the Piettas are staked (wedged) in not threaded. YMMV

Okay, any idea how ta pull 'em out?  ::)???

Bull Schmitt:

I had to fix one for a friend. He had tried to adjust for windage by bending the front sight with a pair of pliers. The front sight came right off. There might have been a little solder under it - I just don't recall for sure.

Okay...got me a set a pliers, hammers, vise', and blow torches.   Hmmm?  That'll to do it. :o

Course now, when-ever ya don't want something ta break...it always does. ::)  And, when ya does want it ta break...it don't ???.  Go figure. :P

Anyhow, got me an old barrell I kin experiment with before I go an mess with muh good irons.  Soon as I does it the hard way and figure out how ta do it the easy way, I'll update ya!

Thanky kindly fer all yer help, Bull ! ;)



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