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Remington Pocket Model Question


Ned Christy:
Does anyone have recent experience with the Pietta Rem. Pocket Model .31 steel frame as sold by Cabelas? I bought one of the first one's available and it had many problems at that time - the rammer would'nt completly seat the ball, rammer misaligned, unable to put hammer nose in groove between chambers, and shot a foot high at 20 yds. If these problems have been corrected in current production I want to buy another one as I really like this gun. Any info would be much appreceated. Thanks,

Ned Christy

Steel Horse Bailey:
One of our club members has one and likes it.  I do seem to recall that he had to tinker with it a bit before it was totally dependable, but no major work.  Iffn I recall kee-recktly.


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