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Forty Rod:
I have a knive sheath that fits on a 2" belt.  I have a 3 1/2" belt with huge silver conchos.

What would you suggest short of cutting into the belt?

Marshal Will Wingam:
Years ago, I put a strap on a wide belt with chicago screws to hold a holster. I don't have a picture of it, but you may want to try something like that. It would be like a scewed on wide bullet loop.

The Arapaho Kid:
I would suggest having another knife case made with a wider belt loop on it.  If you are a leather crafter, or know one....this would be the logical way to go.

Forty Rod:
This is a gorgeous hand made beaded sheath (Can I insert a plug for Dixie Gun Works in here?) that I bought for my wife's Green River butcher knife. 

The belt is a hand made Navajo concho belt that I bought for $400 over thirty years ago.  I really don't want to alter either one of them.

Any way to make a rig to accomodate this set up?

Forty Rod,

One suggestion, depending on what you are using the concho belt for now, is to simply wear two belts.  I've seen quite a few photos of individuals wearing two, one for their sidearm, the other for a knife, sword, or another sidearm.  Individuals during that time were very resourceful, and those on frontier especially were not held to strict dress code standards.

Is the sheath of traditional wester design, as in the belt loop sits directly behind the handle, or is it of more of an older design where the loop is actually a slot off to the side of the knife?  Being from Dixie and designed for a green river knife, I bet it's the latter.  In that case, there really isn't much you can do other than wear it just tucked into the belt, which was quite common. 

I know this really doesn't help a whole lot but it's one of those tough circumstances.

Laff-a-lot Louie



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