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Bonnie and Clyde Thompson Brings $130,000 at Auction in Kansas City


Border Ruffian:
I attendd the auction in Kansas City out of curiosity.  I got next to the Thompson but was not able to handle it or examine it.  :(

Border Ruffian:
Another pic

Charles Isaac:
Thanks for posting this Border Ruffian. I think it would have pulled at least 4 times that if they had rock solid evidence it was once Clydes gun. He did like BARs though, didn't he?!?

Border Ruffian:
An authentic picture of Clyde with the Thompson would have really increased the value.

This article alludes to photos of the weapons in question, yet doesn't run them.

--- Quote ---The weapons are believed to be among those seized after a raid April 13, 1933, at the outlaws’ apartment hideout near 34th Street and Oak Ridge Drive in Joplin.

Five lawmen in two cars, armed only with handguns, descended on the apartment, and a bloody gunfight ensued. Two of the lawmen — Newton County Constable John Wesley Harryman and Joplin police Detective Harry McGinnis — were killed. Clyde Barrow, Buck Barrow and fellow gang member W.D. “Deacon” Jones were injured.

After the raid, police confiscated guns, a camera and personal items from the apartment, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009. The film in the camera, which was developed by The Joplin Globe at the time, was of special interest. The images on the film, which include some with the guns, were the first to identify the outlaws. Historians say the publication of those images in newspapers across the country spelled the beginning of the end for the duo.
--- End quote ---




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