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Forty Rod:
Where does one find a quality Fedora similar to the one Indy wore, but in light gray, medium gray, dark gray or navy?  I want a brown one like I want mumps, and black is no better.  I need a size 7-7/8 or 8.


Nokose Fixico:
Forty Rod, the best place I have found to get info on that period clothing is at http://www.thefedoralounge.com If you go there and ask they will set you up with the right direction to go.

Major 2:

Forty Rod:
Thanks, gents.  I'll check these out.


Akubra has an excellent reputation on the Fedora Lounge.  The Federation IV is the fourth generation of Indiana Jones styled hats.  Check your size at a hat store before you order, these are from Australia, and shipping ain't cheap.  These are 100% rabbit fur, no wool, and are styled very close to the movie hat.  They sell two colors of gray, Charcoal and Moonstone. 

You might also try this place:

The Hatter
1794 Avenue Road
North York (Toronto), Ontario
M5M 3Z1

(416)- 783-8233

The Hatter, Since 1936. Hats, Accessories, Cleaning, Blocking.

There is a list of every hat store anybody on the Fedora Lounge knows of at:


Later Y'all




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