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How many make there own stuff

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 How many make there own leather and acc. Like belts, holsters, loading strips, badge holders, cuffs and etc.  And if so where do you get your patterns? Or do you make your own up?

Camille Eonich:
I got a leather carving kit for Chrimmus a while back and started learning how to do some leather work but I haven't made anything yet.

I'm supposed to make some spur straps but I gotta buy some stuff first.   ;D

When I started I had stuff that was show.  Come with the Blackhawk I had 'n it wuz 'B' Western stuff.

Tandy wuz in bidness here it the time.  Bought their kit stuff 'n put it tagether.  I'm right funny 'bout doin' stuff myself.  Cast my boolets, do the gunsmithin' mahownself.  I modified the leather, went away from their plans 'n had me a right nice rig.

But things weren't what they shouldah been then in the life away from cowboyin'.  It was kindah heck-tic.  Had a bunch on my mind.  The rig wound up fallin' out the back of my truck never to be seen again.

Ennyways, I had a shoot comin' up 'n I needed sumthin' quick so I ordered cheap stuff from Cabelas to hold me over.  Since then, things have settled out.  But, I'm still usin' the leather I ordered from Cabelas five years ago.

What I put together wouldn't work today ennyways.  Not 'nuff shotshell loops.


El Peludo:
Have done so in the past, could now, if I'm of a mind to.  Been leatherworking since I was a kid; first project was a Tandy kit wallet for my Pop, when I was about nine.  Just unpacked a box that had most of my tools in it; got a nice 8-9 oz. carving shoulder rolled up on the shelf.

Big John Denny:
My family made their own stuff for years, then the revenooers came to town. Oh, I'm sorry, you guys were talking about leather huh.



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