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Marshal Deadwood:
Kewlllllllllllllllll !

Texas Lawdog:
I just happen to be a member(#28). I enjoy shooting the 45s and the Tommy guns. It's a dress-up just like SASS and NCOWS, just a different time period.

Marshal Deadwood:
I'm not saying I could afford another 'era'...but I sure do respect others that want to do this.

BTW, I'm still of the opinion that either the Colt SAA or the Colt 1911 govt are 1 and 2 of the greatest guns ever produced.

MD..aka Valentine Capone

Love my Tommy (and my 1911) I'm number 16.

pony express:
Pitspitr, seems like you'd be a natural with the Tommy and 1911, with a pre WWII US uniform....GAF-Zoot.



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