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First two holsters I made.

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Silver Creek Slim:
I just finished my first two holsters. One is for a Ruger Single-six. The other is a shoulder holster for a H&R pocket pistol. I haven't made the harness for it, yet.


Silver Creek Slim:

--- Quote from: Joss House on June 20, 2005, 10:02:26 AM ---Looking good Slim. There's a lot of satisfaction in making your own leather as well as other accouterments.
Next you'll be making your own vest and pants. ;D

--- End quote ---
Thankee, pard.

My mom made 'em fer me.  ;D (not from leather)


Marshal Will Wingam:
Great holsters, Slim. Lookin' good!

litl rooster:
Silver Crik Slim will be hangin a shingle out soon....Good work again...Slim where are you buying your hides?

Lookin' good!!!



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