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Was thinking of getting an action job done on USFA SAA.
Any suggestions on who does the best. Must be real quality for these.

Tom Sargis comes to mind. I've heard alot of good things about him. There's also Bob James, but he most always has a 3 to 6 month wait. And of course Bob Munden, but from what I have heard a little pricey.
I do action jobs, but only for family, now that I do not have a FFL to work under.

With a USFA, you definitly want someone with a good reputation and a true working knowledge of SAAs working on it. There's a lot out there that say they do, but really don't. Be careful, stay with a well known smitty.

Try Lee's Gunsmithing, http://www.cowboyshooters.com/.

I used him for my Old Model SS .45 Ruger Vaquero. I had the Gunslinger, ( GUNSLINGER: The action job most often selected..> custom tune springs, trigger job, custom time and fit hand, polish cylinder chambers, handfit and polish action, open forcing cone, fit bolt, adjust loading gate, true rear barrel face ... $175), action job.

I also had him serrate the front site, Chamfer the cylinder, (so the cases drop easily, hardly ever use my ejector rod anymore), free spin pawl, Stronger spring for the base pin. This is one fine accurate Ruger now! It is awesome, so slick, just a 36 oz. trigger pull. I really love shooting this revolver now.

He comes highly recommended by others as well http://www.navyarms.com/html/cas_champs.html ,  ;)

He is very competent, honest and fair!

Doc Shapiro:
I've used a number of gunsmiths over the last several years.  Some I won't use again, others I return to over and over.  One of those is already mentioned, Lee's Gunsmithing.  They did a rather involved job for me on 3 Rugers.  Replaced the barrels, forcing cones, taylor throating, adjust windage, and some trigger work.  The guns group about a bullet size hole (5 shots) at 25 yards now.

I've also been real pleased with Lassiter: lassiter45@aol.com
and with Cody Conager: 301-624-4348

They all do excellent work on USFA's.


Burt Mossman:
And, myself, Burt Mossman, Saber River Gunsmithing here in Prescott, AZ.



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