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Bottom Dealin Mike:
I've made several fully lined gunbelts finished with Tandy's Super Sheen. I never has problems with the dye staining my pants. But recently I made a few unlined belts, also finished with Super Sheen, and they left dye on my pants.

What do I need to apply to stop that?

Tommy tornado:
Sorry I can't help you out but you could always ask Tandy.

Minnie Aldinger:
Super sheen will usually seal the leather, but if you get real hot and sweaty it won't always stop the bleading.  I suggest you use a product like saddle butter.  While it does have pure neatsfoot oil in it, it also has beeswax & carnuba was in it which evectively seals the leather much better then super sheen. 

jiminy criquet:
If it's any comfort to you...the staining will usually stop after a little while of use.

Rap Scallion:
Many years ago the US Army refrained from staining the backs of leather goods for that reason too.  I don't stain any of the inside of my gear that I make, unless the customer insists on it, for that reason also!

The reasons are numerous and some have been mentioned here in part.  A lot depends on the type of leather used and the dye used and how you sealed the leather after.  Undyed or natural oiled leathers usually don't present that problem either.  Some dyes have a tendency to bleed for a long time after being finished, regardless of what you do to correct it.  Sometimes a cleaner and application of Sheen will take care of the bleeding.



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