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Pictures of my Remington 75s in 357 Mag.

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Big Hext Finnigan:
These are the guns that are working for me right now at my SASS matches.

Who else is shooting the Rem?

Cuts Crooked:
I have a matched pair of 75s in .45 Colt that are my main match revolvers. I also have a nickle plated one with a 6.5" barrel with a spare cylinder for .45 ACP, it's my backup.

Silver Creek Slim:
I have a brace of '75s in .45 Colt. One has a post front sight and the other has a blade front sight. I also have a NMA.

Nice Irons.......glad they started with the steel trigger guards, but when they fixed that, they went to the blade front sight!  Don't know why they have such a hard time with things.....if they'd have left the post front and added the steel TG's, they'd have had a winner.......still, those are nice lookin' irons and for the price of one Hartford, you get a pair of pistols, leather, a case of ammo, new hat, a 12 pak, and a steak dinner at Saltgrass....not a bad deal when ya thunk on it! :)

Not to get into to much, but the line from HA about their gun not "being for everybody" leaves a bad taste in my mouth........kinda elitist in the extreme....oh well, there's way more of us "not everybody" folk than there is them with lots of cash and little brain matter! ;)

Irish Red O'Toole:
I'm aimin' ta pick up an 1875 Remmie at EOT in a few weeks.  I'll let ya know how I like it then..... ;D



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