Author Topic: Proposed Div Illinois Musters for 2023  (Read 223 times)

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Proposed Div Illinois Musters for 2023
« on: October 26, 2022, 10:53:28 AM »

Greetings all!!

I have been lax in getting my reports out and will make up that by stating that yes Div Illinois did hold a muster on 30 July.  We had 7 shooters show, but the interesting thing was the wide variety of weapons that were shot. Consider this; 2 38 specials 1 Colt and 1 S&W; 2 1911s; 2 45 Colts; 2 Webleys; 2 Krags; 3 short action 45s; 1 03/A3; 1 Trapdoor carbine (All original).  I will redeem myself for 2023 and file a "proper After-Action report" in the proper thread.
For 2023 I have selected 30 April and 30 July for Musters in Illinois.  These still have to be approved by both landlords and the Good Guys Posse BOD (could be a slam dunk).  The 30 April match will be an intro to the GAF and consist of 2 stages of many steel targets (at least 14 each), a 2x4 (I get em free), 1 pistol stage, and a standard IPSC target for Mad Minute rifle.
For 30 July I have secured permission for a Special Guest to attend and amuse the shooters. this date will include a big pistol stage, the 2x4, and the standard IPSC target for rifle.
Both matches will include a history lesson and a possible special event.  I have already given out TMI!!
More info to come in May.

Yours in service,
Don Long, Bvt LtCol, Division of Illinois

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Re: Proposed Div Illinois Musters for 2023
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2022, 06:31:25 AM »
Hey Don,

I would love to come over for one of your Musters, but unfortunately I am not able to come on either one of those dates. Would love to have any of your guys come to our Division of Indiana shoots but more importantly the e[artment of the Atlantic shoot in A[ril next year. Would still like to get together some time and chat. Hopefully can make that happen some time. Until then, have a great time and God bless!

One in Christ,
Dewayne Liebrandt
Colonel Department of the Atlantic


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