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Need 66 loading gate (spoon)

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Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy folks,
Well the loading gate tab of my backup 66 let go in a match right after my main 66 got weird. I'd really like to get a reinforced version of the item. I seem to remember them at Track of the Wolf but can't find them there now. Any sources that sell the improved loading gates for 66's that you can recommend?
Rev. Chase

Coal Creek Griff:
One option is to buy a replacement loading gate and reenforce the tab. Having read about their tendency to break, I used JB Weld to reenforce mine when I first bought the gun. The gun isn't used heavily, but so far it's still working.



 :)  Hey Reverend Chase  ;)

First and foremost, my condolences on your loss (sniff sniff snivel).  Secondly, it's called a "Ladle" in correct parlance.  You have several choices:

Cowboys and Indian Store use to sell a reinforced ladle.  Don't know if they still do.

VTI Gunparts sells a reinforced Ladle.

And, your best bet is Shotgun Boogie.  Shotgun Boogie sells the best Ladle on the Planet, bar none.

You can also purchase a new OEM Ladle.  Clean the back next to the tab.  Then build a "dam" around the ladle with tape and make a fillet out of JB Weld.  Let it cure overnight.  Probably last forever (mine has).  Or you can make a little brass gusset and silver solder it to the back of the tab.

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Shotgun Boogie does not make a ladle for the '66.  His loading gate is "66 Style" for the '73.  Which means the scoop goes all the way to the front of the loading gate like a '66 making it easier to load because it doesn't have to push in as far.  But not interchangeable with the '66. 



I do stand corrected.  Shotgun Boogie does NOT do an 1866 Ladle.  Boogie does do a rally superb ladle for the '73 though, of which I have TWO  ;D


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