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Colt walker by Armi sanmarco

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Have an ASM colt walker replica Need help with either replacing or repairing the broken Arbor / base pin

45 Dragoon:
How is it broken?



Ah, that's my question as well.  The Arbor is a really LARGE piece of steel.  The only place you're going to find an ASM Arbor is in someone else's gun.  Although you might also try fitting a Uberti.

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Just above the wedge cutout

45 Dragoon:
Yessir,  it's broke!!!   :)
This is exactly what happens when the end of the arbor isn't tight against the bottom end of the arbor hole, which means the arbor is too short to begin with.  Not that you necessarily should have known that ( especially if you're new to ml revolvers).  It is a known and well documented problem that plagues  all reproduction  cap guns ( except Pietta's since the earlyish 2000's). Normally, the wedge should be "driven" in but I know some folks here and there will say thumb pressure is ok.  That'll work with cowboy shooting ( light loads in "belt" guns - and that's not a cut) but shooting max loads in horse pistols will do some damage  ( as you see). Likewise,  it carries over into the belt pistols as well as pocket guns.  I shoot heavy loads ( well over tier 1 ) in a pair of '60 Armys (Ubertis) with conversion cylinders .  .  . and thumb pressure just won't do.



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