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Stoeger Safety Indicator


Flinch Morningwood:
I don’t know about you, but with Stopper shotgun safety modification for Cowboy Action, and given how in-often I shoot the piece, I have to really look for the small “S” to know which position is safe just about every time I use it.

So…I took a small drill and put about a 1/32nd deep small hole where it would be covered when in safe mode but exposed when the selector in in “ready to fire.”

The then “borrowed” some of my wife’s reddest mail polish and put some in the hole using a wooden toothpick.  Made sure to keep the “paint” below the surface.

Don’t have to look so hard anymore…lol.

Photos show safety ON and OFF.

I’m most likely not the first person to do this…but I thought it was pretty clever.   ;D

Kent Shootwell:
Just like store bought! Good job.


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