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Cimarron Schofield Cylinder Gap & Endshake

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I just went to pick up a brand new Uberti/Cimarron Model 3 Schofield but came home empty handed. The cylinder gap is .005” when pushed forward and .009” when pushed back. I know that .004” is far too much endshake for any revolver.

What is the acceptable range for the cylinder gap? 

Is this a common problem with this model?  I’m familiar with Colt and S&W double action revolvers but this one is entirely new to me.

Sadly I’m returning this to the seller. Hope they have a good one in stock…


Johnson Barr:
Did you make your measurements with cartridges in the chambers?

My experience with eyetalian revolvers is that such issues are always present.   I have relied on a company that makes cylinder shims for getting things set up properly.

Hope this helps.

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 :) TinMan  ;)

I'm not real sure I understand your Daffy-Nitions.  You're "pushed forward" (from where??) and pushed back (from where??)   

Normally, we start with Head Space.  Nominal Head Space is considered to be .004 - .005, measured with cartridges (dummy) and measured between the recoil shield and cartridge head.  Then we look at Barrel to Cylinder Gap and End Shake.  There are varying opinions on Barrel to Cylinder Gap.  However, End Shake should be held to .001 or .002 with the resulting Barrel to Cylinder gap of .004 or .005

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--- Quote from: Johnson Barr on February 25, 2023, 02:37:47 PM ---Did you make your measurements with cartridges in the chambers?

--- End quote ---


I have never heard of doing that for a double action revolver with a swing out cylinder. Is this something unique to top break actions?


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