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?? About Altering 1860 Army from 44 Colt Inside lube (.429) to 44 Colt (Heeled)

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The old Armi San Marcos cylinders were 44 Colt only, because they were same size as originals and therefore 44 Spcl or Russian rims would not fit.  But Uberti cylinders are all big enough for the larger rims.  Some earlier Uberti conversions had the cylinder which would only chamber 44 Russian or Colt, but that was due to the way the chamber was cut, not due to rim size.  Those could be reamed out to 44 Spcl.  Many conversions that were marked 44 Colt on the barrel had cylinders which would already chamber the Spcl, but people just liked to have a gun that said 44 Colt on the barrel.  Most of those cylinders would already chamber a 44 Spcl, but some needed to be reamed for the extra length.

Like Coffinmaker said, many things are possible with enough $$.

Entering the world of heeled bullets is an adventure and takes some special crimping  dies.
Not inexpensive dies as a matter of fact,and there is not a big selection or sources of bullets unless you cast your own
Remember you are jumping back to late 1860's brass/copper case cartridge technology.
That is my experience, and experience is a hard teacher.
I am available for consultation
 Hold center

C. Note:
Hello Bunk,
Thanks for thereply.

Am familiar with the heel based bullet cartridges.

I have a Remington Navy conversion to 38 Long CF Outside lubed,that I load for. I've only had to buy the crimp die from Old West Bullet moulds.....Ibuy the bullets already made.  Will have to cast 44 Colt, but want to experiment with the ErasGone Johnston & Dow conical.

No big deal. If it were easy, everyone would do it. It's the Hard, that makes it great....and challenging.



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