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?? About Altering 1860 Army from 44 Colt Inside lube (.429) to 44 Colt (Heeled)

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C. Note:
Hello CAS Friends.....

This is for any gunsmiths.......

1) Is the rebated cylinder chambers on the currently made 1860 Army 44 Colt Conversions drilled through straight or on a slight
     angle, in relation to the bore? Are the chamber throats smaller in front for the Modern(.429 dia) 44Colt?

2) If chambers are straight and smaller, is it possible to have the chambers reamed out to accept the 44 Colt Outside Lubed heel based
     bullet of approx .451/.452 dia?

3) Can the barrel just be replaced with standard percussion barrel ofapprox .451/.452 groove diameter and everything work properly?

Thanks. I really want to use the Heel Based 44 Colt Cartridge. If there are better or just other options, please advise.

Sass 2029

Am already running a Remington in 38 Long Center Fire Outside Lubed.

45 Dragoon:
Why not just use 45C conversion cylinders? The bore is already correct.


C. Note:
Because I am a no good, low down, sgraggly sheep herding purist, who wants to use original heel based .44 Colt ammunition,
like I do with my Remington Navy conversion, in 38 Long Center Fire Outside Lubed

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Uberti factory conversions have the cylinders bored in a straight line, not at an angle.  Their cylinders are slightly larger than original and percussion cylinders to accomplish this and to have the .44 Spcl/Russian rims and 45 Colt rims fit. 

Uberti percussion barrels will not fit on the cartridge conversions.  You could buy a .45 Colt conversion barrel to put on a .44 conversion to get the bore you want.  I'm not sure what you would need to do with the cylinder as I've not messed with heeled cartridges.

C. Note:
I guess what I want I will just have to have made. The cylinder chambers for the 44 Colt need to be bored straight through with a uniform diameter of the cartridge case. The O/S diameter of the bullet is the same as the case……for 44 Colt, the ogive is .451/.452 while the heel, which inserts into the case, is .429/.430.

I know everyone will say, Just use 45 Colt. Well, the guns were never chambered in 45 Colt and I am a purist, at heart.
Was hoping that I could ream the cylinder of a modern 44 Colt and install a percussion barrel, but I guess that won’t work.


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