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Krag parts....Sources?

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So I wound up with a really nice receiver for an 1898 Krag, and a new made stock that I assume someone cut down to make a carbine and then changed their mind.

At the moment I have no other parts, and plan to just buy stuff a little at a time till I have enough parts to build a Krag rifle.

I've been building guns from collected parts since the late 80s. So yeah, I know what I am doing. :)

I have several sources of parts, but I am sure I don't have all the companies that have surplus Krag parts and thought I'd ask if anyone knows any obscure dealers I might not know of.

I already have a list of stuff to buy from Numrich, and I'm regularly checking both Ebay and gun broker.

I'm also interested in any parts folks might have they don't need....With the proviso that its going to be late February before I have cash again.

I am also looking for used Krag dies and brass.
And maybe any loose krag related stuff that piques my interest....Though my budget is limited.



Search "Krag Rifle" on ebay.  You'll be amazed.  I built an entire rifle from parts off ebay.

Also S&S firearms,  Granpa's gun parts, Gunbroker. 

Lee makes Krag dies.  Several sets on ebay again.   Grafs has Krag brass off and on, keep checking.  Gunbroker has Krag brass listed.

Remember Springfield Sporters too for parts. And let me check at work if we have the 30-40 brass I cleaned last week in stock.

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Drydock has covered the best sources.  Regimental Quartermaster has some Krag parts.  I'd also check any of the used part places.  A lot of times they'll have a few Krag parts, sometimes not even listed.  Ask what they have.  Gun shows can provide some, too.

Gun shows have always been my favorite source for gun parts.

Sadly, I live in southern California where gun shows have mostly been driven out.

And so many of the surplus gun companies I used to love have bit the dust.

Theres also shotgun news classifieds- got a lot of obscure parts from there over the years.

I take a long view on acquiring parts for projects, and I'm patient.

And its really nice to find new sources I had not previously known about.  :)



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