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New Model Vaquero loading gate


Navy Six:
A couple of friends just bought a pair of brand new stainless New Model Vaquero for SASS use. All four guns exhibit the same problem: the loading gates don't sit flush in the frame, whether the gates are open or closed. The gates projected far enough that they sometimes obstructed cylinder rotation with loaded rounds, i.e. the rim of a loaded round would occasionally catch on the gate or make cocking effort greater than normal. Is there a common problem here that I can address to help out my friends? 


 :)  Six   ;)

There are a couple of fix's for the problem.  However, Ruger owes them "Warranty" on the problem.  I'd suggest contacting Ruger to return them for correction.  Working on them personally would probably void the factory warranty.

The guns are stainless so bluing and CCH is not a consideration.  Fix number one is to apply a small bevel to the edge of the loading gate so the cartridge can push past.  Fix number two is to remove the gate and surface the entire gate down to be flush with the Recoil Shield or even slightly sub-flush.

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Silver Creek Slim:
Contact Ruger.


Major 2:
I echo ...Contact Ruger , it is claimed they have great customer service
they should pay shipping both way, ( they will issue a pick-up )

No doubt it is a quality control problem ....


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