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Who makes Ruger's grips?

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Gentlemen,  Does anyone here know who makes the factory laminated grips for Ruger Blackhawks?  I'd like to get some, but I don't like grips with medallions in them. 

Major 2:
I've purchased from here very good quality  https://www.altamontco.com/pistol-grips/ruger/superblackhawk/

The Major beat me to it, Altamont makes great stuff.

Looks like I may have to try them out!

I have some sort of recollection from many moons ago that Altamont made Ruger's grips.  Ring a bell with anybody?  I ordered a set of their poly ivory for a Vaquero 20 yrs ago but they were too fat for my hands, sold 'em.  I do have a set of their grips on my nickle Python  :)



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