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New Holster questions

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A friend of mine wants a holster for his Ruger New Model Blackhawk 7-1/2” barrel.  I have Will Ghormley’s Hand of God Rig patterns (both original and G2).
Would the New Vaquero pattern work for the Blackhawk? 
The revolvers seem the same except for the front sight but I do not have a Vaquero to really compare it to.

Thanks for any assistance.

Does the holster have the top cut high enough to cover the rear sight? If so, you would probably need a slightly larger body, although you might be able to wet fit the holster and stretch the top out enough to hold the rear sight assembly. If the holster exposes the rear sight, you probably will still need to fit the holster for the front sight. I make them to fit the gun.
Stay well and safe!

Graveyard Jack:
Not if I make them. I fit mine tight and there's no way an adjustable sighted gun will fit in a holster made for fixed sights. That and the New Vaquero and Blackhawk are two different frame sizes.


Thanks for the replies. 

This is the first holster for a revolver with adjustable sights.  Would you recommend expanding the pattern 1/4” or 1/2” to make room for the adjustable sights and frame size?

Or easier to just design from scratch?

Marshal Will Wingam:
If you have a pattern for a standard Vaquero, work from that. Like Craig said, the New Vaquero has a smaller frame size. If there isn't an appropriate pattern for a standard Vaquero in the set, make a test pattern out of paper and wrap that around your gun to see if it will work.


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