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Cheyenne Thread

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Marshal Will Wingam:
Thank you, Skeet.

Rube Burrows:
Here are a few that I have made. The Cheyenne is a great looking and classice pattern that looks good with most any gun.

Marshal Will Wingam:
Here's a pair I made from 8-9 oz leather and lined with 8-9 oz. It was an experiment to see how stiff I could make them. They were a bear to wet mold but once done, I could drive over them with my truck and not hurt them. ;D

This one for an 8" Remington. Again, not quite a Cheyenne but still a Mexican Loop.


Rube Burrows:
I bet you could drive a truck over those. I just did a pair of holsters in 8-9 oz leather with a 3-4 oz liner and the were super stiff once done.

I just finished this one. Hope it fits in the Cheyenne category.


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