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--- Quote from: Buck Stinson on November 19, 2022, 03:29:43 PM ---Here's a 5 1/2" Cheyenne holster and a money cartridge belt that I sent to a customer a few months ago.

--- End quote ---


The layout of that picture and of course your work is just outstanding. Like the rest of the guys here, I’d LOVE to see more of your leatherwork. Always inspires me to get better!

Jack Wagon:
i made this one for my .45 Kirst converted new model. It's constructed from 6/7 oz veg tanned with a 2/3 oz lining leather.  Jw

Marshal Will Wingam:
Jack, that's a good example of a West Texas half-skirted holster. I still have yet to make one but they're totally cool. The closest I ever came to this style is the Dodge City style. Looks very good.


Real nice, I also like the belt.


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