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Getting 1873 Too Hot?

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Went to the range this morning and shot about 200 rounds with the Winchester 1873 carbine with round barrel. I was taking rests every 20 rounds, but the barrel was incredible hot and at one point it got so hot that even the forearm stock had quite a bit of heat on it. The barrel bands were burning hot as well and all of this worried me about maybe ruining the walnut furniture, or damaging it. So to my question, is it possible to get this carbine so hot that it will ruin the gun, or cause charge issues? I know I baby my long range rifles as far as heat goes, but wasn't sure about these? Obviously I don't get it red hot, but it's enough to roast my hand if the barrel is grabbed. But if I am going to practice, I need to shoot a lot. Curious what others have experienced with this.

What caliber and what load are you shooting?

Dave T:
I must admit I've never fired 200 rounds in one setting, but I have experienced rapid barrel heating to the point of "too hot to touch".  This is with black powder cartridges in my own 73 rifle and carbine.  After a couple magazines (20 rounds for the carbine) I take a break, lay the gun down with the action open and let it cool down.  Last time I was out I limited myself to five shot strings on one of my gongs, then I would blow down the barrel to soften the fouling and let the gun cool.

For what it's worth I've experienced the same 'over heating' with my single action revolvers, again shooting black powder cartridges.  The revolver can get so hot it's difficult to hold and still empty the fired brass and reload the cylinder.

In my case this is exacerbated by living in the desert.  It's been in the 90s or 100s every time I get out and that doesn't help the guns heating up one bit.




--- Quote from: Pettifogger on October 10, 2022, 08:48:18 PM ---What caliber and what load are you shooting?

--- End quote ---
38 special

- Are you shooting reloads or factory bullets ?
- If reloads, what powder and charge weight are you using ?
- If reloads, what kind of 38 bullet are you using ?
- If factory bullets, what kind are they ?


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