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Looking for the name of the engraver

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PLUS ONE for St. George you betcha  :(

Let's Be Safe Out There

I have an 1894 Frontier Six Shooter I shoot regularly.  That's what the fine gentlemen who built it intended it for!

I looked at a similar (less coverage, but stylistically similar) 1892 Colt at a gunshow Saturday.  When I asked if the plating was silver or nickel, the seller (a semi-serious collector) stated he understood most silver-plated engraved guns were done aftermarket.  His suggestion, as others here have suggested, was to get a factory letter. 

His point was that the letter might identify if the gun was factory engraved, and the original finish--big win for the seller if it matches the current State of the Gun.  Worst case, it would described the original finish and to whom the gun was shipped.  With that info, the seller might be able to narrow things down to a range of possible engravers known to work with the wholesaler. 

No, I didn't buy the gun I saw--but I considered it!  Price was right at the edge of what I could swing (if I sold my trade bait to a dealer and had enough gas in the car to get home!).  Ultimately, it came down to the chambering.  I'm not a fan of the cartridge, so I passed.  I'm still second-guessing that decision. 



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