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Uberti model 1873 Short Rifles. The top in .45 Colt and the bottom in .357mag/.38spl.

I've had the .45 Colt for a while now. Very accurate with 250gr plated bullets and TiteGroup. I just got the .357mag/.38spl. I just sold a Mikuru Winchester (in the same caliber) for this new Uberti. Not that I didn't love the Winchester, but when I found another one exactly like my first, I had to jump. (I also have a Uberti SAA in the smaller caliber to match with the rifle.)

Buckaroo Lou:
Nice looking rifles.

What model 1873 Winchester did you have?

I have both Uberti and Winchester 1873 rifles and like them both, but my Winchester is a step above the Uberti rifles. Mine are all 24" barrels. The Winchester in 357 mag/38 spec. and one of the Uberti rifles in 45 Colt are the deluxe models, and the other Uberti in 44-40 is a sporting rifle.

This one:

No tang safety (half cock safety). 20" barrel

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Hello all, coming to you from Florida. Wicked cold right now at 20degrees on this Christmas morning. I'm one day new to this forum and am searching other due to my recent purchase of a Cimarron 1873 US Marshal Indian Territory in a .44mag. I called Cimarron to ask what Uberti has done with the toggle link action to be able to hold up to a pressures of the .44mag. All I got was it's a little more beefed up. Not to sure about that, but I can't imagine a gun maker putting out a firearm that would be dangerous. Still I plan to put .44 specials through it first. I'm looking to see if anyone has a 1873 in .44mag and your thoughts on it. I got this rifle to go along with my Ruger old model Vaquero in .44mag. Thanks for any replies and I look forward to lots of reading here.

Major 2:
Welcome from another in the Gun shine state... I'm guessing you are in the northern or Panhandle area of Fla,

My 73 Short Rifle is a 44 Special (not mag) I've had it about 15 years now and have used it CAS.
It previously, had been a SASS tuned stage 3 Short Stroke, and slick as Ice.
I reversed the Cowboy & Indian brand toggles back to OEM style conforming to NCOWS rules which was a simple matter, and it is still slick.

Sorry 6MT , did not attempt to highjack  :)


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