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When could a civilian buy the 1873 colt?

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Looking at the years and numbers of the colt model p and knowing the Army had dibs on them,,Got me to wondering exactly when a civilian had the chance to buy one.

Coal Creek Griff:
I'm interested in the answer to this too, although I'm betting that the first ones sold to civilians were former military guns that were reported lost...

A few thousand of the first 15,000-20,000 were sold on the commercial market, so sometime in 1874?  Doesn't mean they were sold in the west though, and ammo might have been difficult to source. 

In the west, I'd bet on deserters being the first salesmen; if you "lost" a revolver, you paid to replace it.   


I remember reading that during the black hills gold rush a lot of troops deserted and sold their gear for supplies, their colts brining in the most $.  Just wish i remember where
I read that.   

The original bad bob:
The real Johnny Ringo of Tombstone AZ fame had a Colt saa serial number 222... Doc Holliday according to his family used a Colt SAA serial number 11xxx during his exploits out west... It would be very interesting to learn exactly how these 2 characters obtained their Colts


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