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I thought some here would find this interesting.

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--- Quote from: The original bad bob on August 12, 2021, 05:36:34 PM --- Story, this property has been vacant for at least 20 years.. it is right in the heart of what they call the historic district ... .. The scope of my work keeps increasing on the inside of the house... The lots are rectangular shaped and the yard is quite long and narrow and no one has maintained the yard for quite a while and there are 3’ tall weeds with the worst thorns I have ever seen in my life on them... it definitely needs to be cleaned up before any metal detecting could be done... the inside of this house can best be described as creepy... as in if ghosts really exist I’m probably going to see one.. 

--- End quote ---

I understand completely and don't mean to add distractions to your plate.

Just consider these notions from the Good Idea Fairy that you can pass along to the owners.

Or not.

The original bad bob:
Here is a long overdue update.. Lots of challenges on this job for me... The lot has been cleared and a old shed made from corrugated tin roofing and old (real 2x4’s) was emptied and most of the contents deemed of no value  taken to the land fill ... a few interesting finds inside were saddle holders , stirrups, old tools possibly from the 19th century and coat racks possibly from the time the original occupants lived there.

The challenges of working on an old house are many... one of the first was discovering upon removing the ceiling drywall that the house has 2 roofs... the original one that has old growth 1x boards with the old tar paper still on it, some of these one by boards are 20” wide... probably 100K worth or lumber by today’s crazy lumber prices... 2’ on top of this roof is a newer corrugated tin roof that is probably 80 years old... the reality of this discovery will prevent the owners from raising the ceiling height like they planned to do... Too many unknowns in removing the original wood roof and a can of worms not worth the risk in opening from a cost benefit Stand point.

The power is now on as is the water.. the electrical situation is that sometime in the 1940’s or early 50’s the knob and tube wiring was replaced with greenfield metal sheathed Romex wire and all the electrical boxes are brown Bakelite plastic which I have heard of but never seen in person until now..which is good but the entire house only has 3ea 20 amp breakers which is inadequate... so a larger electrical panel is going to be installed so additional circuits and breakers can be added.

The house is completely gutted with only the lime plastered adobe interior walls and 2x4 bare bones walls standing... we are currently addressing plumbing issues and replacing some galvanized iron pipe with ABS and copper water lines.

I will post some photos soon.

Professor Marvel:
You might consider PEX instead of ABS if it is for fresh water. The joining system is simple and fast and very solid. After using both, i think The savings in time and labor
When using PEX is worth it!

Re doors and windows in adobe….

I would be willing to do the “restore” on windows. But Doors…
I would be inclined to salvage the doors themselves if at all possible,
but would seriously consider installing modern steel security door frames.
I an adobe, the window and door openings “ought to have been” framed with lumber;
Either post-and-beam style or wooden lentils and frames.
One can Anchor steel door frames to the existing lumber with lags and liquid nails
Thus providing a solid secure frame for whatever door is desired.

The resulting steel and wood can then be covered the correct concrete or stucco product
Which will then give the old time look of plastered adobe.

I have long loved adobe brick as abuilding material, but only when used with post and beam construction. Unfortunately adobe is for the very rich who can affordto hire it all done… ior those with more time than money who make their own bricks and lay them themselves.

Please keep us informed, and any photos would be greatly appreciated!


The original bad bob:
Professor, I have used pex type “A” before.. I even have an wirsbo expansion tool... The problem is that the house is fed from the meter with a 1/2” galvanized iron pipe and it may be clogged with calcium and lime cholesterol buildup making the pressure situation inadequate... This main waterline goes under a public sidewalk and concrete driveway.., so we are going to replace any galvanized pipe in the house with copper and determine if the pressure is adequate for the two small bathrooms... if the pressure is not adequate we Will obtain the permit to saw cut the sidewalk and replace the galvanized pipe with 3/4”-1” copper pipe.... another challenge is that this home was built before city water and sewer existed in Tombstone.. so all the plumbing is literally drilled through the adobe walls from the outside of the house... Even the water heater is in a crude wood closet on the outside of the house..there are 2ea 20” thick interior adobe walls that through the years no one had the courage to place attic access windows into to run things like electrical and plumbing through the interior attic space of the home ... I am going to attempt this by adding a wood lintel beam and removing a 24”x18” window in the attic interior adobe walls so central ac ducts can be run in the attic throughout the house... please wish me luck LOL

On the exterior and interior doors we have sourced original nal style 4 panel clear pine to replace and restore any non original existing doors that were replaced in the 140 years since the home was built... there are about 6 such doors that need to be replaced.

Adobe has termites in it, so there are window sills and door frame bottoms that have to be replaced or repaired.. I’m going to spray Termidor termite killer in these areas and either repair with wood epoxy or cut out the damaged wood and replace it.

The attached photo is of the house I am working on.. It was taken by CS Fly in 1884 on one of the big hills south of town.. the black mark on photo denotes the house (back door view of house) and you can see the bird cage theater in background as well as shefflin hall and the San Jose house .. The real Tombstone is very different than the Hollywood fake version

The original bad bob:
Attached is a photo of the living room area of the house as it appears today.. you can see the lime plaster crumbling off walls because termites have eaten the wood window sill away allowing water to enter into the adobe walls .

As modest, creepy and run down as this place is currently ...back in 1880 Tombstone Arizona territory this was considered a  luxurious home owned by one of the wealthier individuals in town... believe it or not...I have learned that many residents of Tombstone In this time period lived in canvas tents.. This is what I mean by Hollywood vs reality


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