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And a 200 grain bullet will print lower still.  What is your sight picture?  Top of front sight even with rear sight?  It is common for these guns to shoot high with 250 gr bullets  as they were originally regulated to be on target at something like 75 or 100 yards.  But I would say that 2 feet high at 9 yards is excessive and not common with any SAA's.

I was going to say the same thing. Although it sounds crazy a lighter bullet will shoot lower.

Well, the OP never returned after posting a year ago, so we'll never know.

Lighter bullets hitting lower does seem odd until you think about it.  Lighter bullet equals higher velocity equals not in the barrel as long equals exiting the barrel sooner before recoil raises the barrel as much.


Dave T:
Shooting the heavier bullets at higher velocity will also give you a lower POI.  The OP (and anyone else with the same problem) would need to test both lighter projectiles and higher velocities to find the sweet spot for that particular gun and it's fixed sights.


Sir Charles deMouton-Black:

--- Quote from: Jubal Starbuck on December 03, 2020, 05:53:14 PM ---    You might try loading some lighter weight bullets.  A 225 to 230 grain slug should lower your point of impact some.

--- End quote ---

I agree. Lighter proj. almost ALWAYS shoots lower in a pistol. Try a 180 or 200gr bullet.

P.S. I agree with The Pineboxman.  Go as light as you can find, like EPPug or even a roundball -if you have 'em.


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