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" What started it all ? "

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Tuolumne Lawman:
My Obssession with conversions began when I handled an original 1858 conversion in .46 French rimfire about 1995.  The Selleck's Last stand at Sabre River in 1997.  It was cemented in 2000 when I got a pair of ASM Type I Richards from EMF to do a Cowboy Chronicle article on.

Forty Rod:
Born in 1942.  Everybody had guns and our military was everywhere.  Almost every kid had a cap gun.  Guess I just simply was born with guns, raised with guns, and have guns in my blood.

Mine started much later in my shooting "career". While I've been into single actions since childhood and the first gun I ever bought with my own money was a single action .22 at age 12, I always thought the old Colt percussion guns were crude and unrefined. I'm ashamed to say that I actually detested their appearance. I had to grow up and grow half a brain to appreciate them and that started with Crossfire Trail in 2001 and the infamous custom Open Top. I started looking at them and studying them and it took five more years to take the plunge with a pair of Pietta 1860's. A month later I got the Cimarron Open Top that I later had engraved and fitted with ivory, which was due in no small part to the 1860 in Last Stand at Saber River. Now I've got fourteen Pietta and Uberti Colt percussion and cartridge conversion guns and I'm embarrassed that it's not more than that.


Saturday Matinees, B Westerns, 50s and 60s TV westerns.  Fell in lust with "cowboy" guns and never recovered from the affliction.  It only gets worse.  I've enquired, but there is NO CURE.  So I've just surrendered and learned to live with it.  Every now and then, I do suffer from SA deprivation which is coupled with gun Powder deprivation.  Normally the "treatment" completely depletes my meager bank account.  But ..... I DON'T CARE!!  Resistance is futile.  You will be assimilated!!  ;D

Similar for me.   Watching westerns and playing cowboy in the early 70s.   Have always loved them and history.  Had a cap gun that was a version of an open top.  (so wish I still had that, lost in the flood of 92).   I got the Time Life Series for my 10th Birthday in 76, and discovered there were way more item than the peacemaker and man did the 51s and 60s look GORGEOUS!   Jose Wales on HBO sealed it.


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